MURIBUSHI 2019 Collection reflects PACE™ Brazilian Okinawan Menswear

MURIBUSHI is an Okinawan word that means SUBARU.
SUBARU is a Japanese word that means to join.

Collection's name came from the book MURIBUSHI, which depicts the coming of Okinawa immigrants (Island belonging to Japan) to Brazil.
Got find in a stack of books at Felipe Matayoshi's uncle's house.

The collection has strong roots in the memories of how Matayoshi family members dressed when they gathered at a dinner table, their hobbies, and how they behaved.

The pieces are translated to the present time with classic design, like tailoring pants, cropped jackets and work jackets but with avant-garde trims.

Accessories that make us easy on a daily basis are equipped with the highest quality technical fabrics.

With this juxtaposition in mind, the collection becomes complete from headwear to footwear, classic modeling with contemporary rereading.

Photographer: Vitor Pickersgill
Model: Marcello Tamaro
Special Guest: Ricardo Franca Cruz

In honor of Felipe Matayoshi’s uncle Masaru and grandmother Reiko, that were the people who inspired this collection, on the lookbook there is pictures of a real gateball game with his old friends.