BUDWEISER - A Bud's Brew Collection

The collaboration is the beginning of the partnership between PACE and Budweiser and had its first inspirational roots in two Miles Davis classics.The album Birth of the cool, which references the birth of this partnership between the two brands, all of Budweiser's heritage and PACE's Brazil-based Okinawan roots.And the other album Bitches Brew, which Miles Davis took inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, the songs were experimental, a new moment for Miles, with new musicians, guitars and even parts in reverse. Therefore, “A Bud’s Brew Collection” was born.“With these two narratives, we thought of creating icons in the composition of the collection. BUD's very strong identity and historic vintage collectibles served as a basis for research in various layouts for the graphics of the pieces, and the experimentation in hybrid pieces with a sportswear/performance heritage focused on the lifestyle.I‘ve chose these albums from Miles Davis as initial thoughts for the collection, because I‘m a big fan of his work and his unique style as a man and as a musician, I‘m also a drummer. So both brands Bud and Pace are very connected with music in general, Budweiser mainly, they have a giant historic moments supporting the music scene around the world.”